Its been a while

Hey guys! Its me again. I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to post random stuff here. I just got really busy. You know, acads. Haha. But I want to share to you this korean drama named SBS Doctors. 

I was not really a korean drama fan before. Not until I watched Descendants of the sun. YOU REALLY NEED TO WATCH THAT KDRAMA. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. It’s about a lady general surgeon and a captain of the korean army. Well I won’t elaborate it because I want you to see it yourself (And u won’t regret it I promise!!!) Anyway, there is this another K-drama that caught my heart (just like what DOTS did to me). It is about Yoo Hye Jung, a previous lady gangster that became a neurosurgeon because of her grandmother whom she believed, died in the operating room because of malpractice. She grew up with a broken family. And never cared about anything but her self. Until she met Dr. Hong Ji Hong. He is a world renowned intercranial tumor expert, and a former teacher of Hye Jung back in higg school. Just watch every episode and you will know why these kdramas are really getting me. Anneyong! 😂

Be grateful of what you have.


These past few days as I’ve said on my previous blogs, were really hard and tough. I am positive on my previous posts but I guess this is the time that I will not be positive anymore.

My mom and I talked yesterday ago and she told me that I may not be on a full load (subjects/units) this coming first semester because of financial problems. That’s okay with me tho. I can have my summer classes so that I can cope up my studies. But I  thought that will not be a major problem but then she just approached me a while ago that I might not be able to be on school this second semester because they can’t afford it. After hearing those painful words, I tried to bring out the happiness and positivity left inside of my heart. And I told my mom, “wait. I’m about to turn 18 this august right? I’ll find a job right after august 24 so that I can pay my tuition fee next semester. Don’t worry mom. I’m willing to be a working student. Just be positive, okay? Things will get better soon. Just believe.”

You know, this time I can’t control my self. I want to be happy. I want to be positive with these shits. But I really can’t. Well, sadness is really inevitable. I have to admit. And even if I know that challenges makes a person stronger, I wish that I could be sturdy enough to carry my family. It’s hard being the clown in the family. It’s hard that, you’re keeping that strong and brave attitude just to keep your parents happy, and not let them worry. But whenever I think of the thought that I might not enroll next semester, I feel like I’m crushing into pieces. You know, I really wanted to be a doctor. And it hurts even more to see other people neglecting their studies, cutting classes, blaming their parents because of the crap that they, themselves made. People, if your parents can send you to a good school, give you your basic needs, give you your wants like gadgets, clothes, etc., give you love and keeping in touch with you.. Please please appreciate and give importance to that. Our parents were God’s greatest gift to us. Let us show how we love them as long as they’re still. Because they will only guide us. In the end, they will leave and let you live on your own with the things that they left and taught you. It may be hard today. But always remember that success is nothing without efforts. I will get through this. I believe!! Gosh thank you guys. I felt better for sharing this stuff. These next few months will be tough. But I will be tougher! Keep on smiling guys. These were my thoughts before I sleep haha! Goodnight! all the way from the beautiful country of Philippines 💕💕

Its the priorities that I choose.


Say hi to may date hahaaha! Lol I just stopped by at a milk tea house yesterday and I took a photo of the place because the interior design was ineffably beautiful. But my funny side kicked me to do draw that stick guy, pretending as if he was my date. HAHA SORRY 😂

Three months ago, there is this guy that I loved wholeheartedly. He was my childhood friend. We love bullying each other because I am fat (back then), and he was so thin (like even the wind can blow him away WAHAHA). But I left. I transferred and studied at the other city. While he was left at our old school. We haven’t seen each other for five years (whole high school life). Until that day came.

I saw him changed his profile photo on facebook. And i was like OHMYGOSH WHEN PUBERTY HITS U HARDDDDD! I can’t believe that it was him. And that was it. We started chatting.. We exchanged numbers.. He fetched me from school.. We go on a lunch  together… We went on an arcade together… We went to sing on a videoke together… Everything was just so perfect back then. Until that day came.

He left me without a word.

Okay I admit. I got too attached easily. Well why not. Every girl will fall for his sense of humor and wisdom (well his abs and looks were just a bonus lol). I really don’t know what happen. I knew everything was true. But I guess, those things were meant to happen. Maybe because God wants me to learn a lesson. Which I am taking positively, and I’m really thankful for it.

And this guy came. My mind says he’s a lot better than my past. He’s family oriented and has a lot of dreams in life. But my heart says no. I admit it. Maybe its because I still love my ex so much that he really left a deep, salted wound on my heart. And the thing that I am really afraid of finally came to me..

“What if no one makes me that happy?”

Well now I’m still healing myself. And now, I’m really looking forward to pursue my dreams to be a psychiatrist and a surgeon. I want to make my parents proud of me.

I know how to move on but yeah. I’m trying to apply my knowledge to myself. I’ll just focus more on my studies and my family. Well, true love waits. And I am willing to just go with the flow. Because I know that he will come at the perfect time. Just trust God. He got my back! Also, nothing is more attractive that a lady that has a goal in life. Always remember, Beauty is nothing without brains! Take care everyone. Keep smiling!! Sending love from the Philippines 😘

Stop plagiarism.


photo from twitter

Nothing feels better (for me) than being applauded because of the articles that I’ve made. You know, people appreciate the things that I share. Well maybe because I made those articles wholeheartedly. Also, I’m trying to see all of the positive sides in everything and trying to share it with other people especially those who were confused or depressed. Well, life is a beautiful ride. And we should embrace every moment of it. 😄

It just so happen that I saw three articles of mine, that was published on a website. Life wtf was happening. I didn’t knew anything and everything about it. I was like being left by my boyfriend lol but seriously, it hurts that other people were copying my articles without asking for it, or maybe without including my name on it. Its not hard putting article from Brigette Anne Nuguid though. Cmon people. Its like stealing someone’s effort and thoughts and putting it as yours.

Why don’t you try doing your own article? That could be better. Share your own thoughts and experiences in life. After all, nothing will be taken away from you. Just be yourself. STOP PLAGIARISM.