Its been a while

Hey guys! Its me again. I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to post random stuff here. I just got really busy. You know, acads. Haha. But I want to share to you this korean drama named SBS Doctors. 

I was not really a korean drama fan before. Not until I watched Descendants of the sun. YOU REALLY NEED TO WATCH THAT KDRAMA. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. It’s about a lady general surgeon and a captain of the korean army. Well I won’t elaborate it because I want you to see it yourself (And u won’t regret it I promise!!!) Anyway, there is this another K-drama that caught my heart (just like what DOTS did to me). It is about Yoo Hye Jung, a previous lady gangster that became a neurosurgeon because of her grandmother whom she believed, died in the operating room because of malpractice. She grew up with a broken family. And never cared about anything but her self. Until she met Dr. Hong Ji Hong. He is a world renowned intercranial tumor expert, and a former teacher of Hye Jung back in higg school. Just watch every episode and you will know why these kdramas are really getting me. Anneyong! 😂